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The Nilssons

Ten Ten Twenty Twenty,

A super popular wedding date this year. I was booked, then I wasn't, then I was, then I wasn't. Then Alexandra Moreau with XO Moreau Weddings emailed me in July to see if I had the date available and thankfully, I did because I am now BFFFFF with Stephanie and Christian!

Usually I have my couples write me a letter about why they want to be married, but these two were making sure the wedding details were all squared away that the letters didn't happen. Christian told me that they would tell me in person before the wedding all that I needed to know. And i was so pleased at how beautiful and organic it all was!

Christian was a nervous cat. I did everything I could to calm him down, but it wasn't until they were both standing before me while I performed their ceremony did I see him visibly relax.

Stephanie I got to chat with before hand and she even made me cry talking about Chris. She and I laughed and shared stories just the two of us right before the ceremony. She mentioned her love of "tiny things" and we giggled about "dusting tiny spoons" and I even found a way to work it into their ceremony.

After their big kiss, they were so excited that Chris grabbed Stephanie's hand and bee-lined it back down the aisle. She didn't even have time to grab her flowers or let me pronounce them as Mr. and Mrs.! As the guests and I all laughed about it, they were married and off and running!

I smile still thinking about it.

Congratulations and Best Wishes to the newest Nilssons!



Vendors who made Stephanie and Christian's day perfect and magical:

Planning: XO Moreau

Flowers: Blumen Floral

Catering: Royal Fig

Lighting: ILD Lighting

Hair & Makeup: Hannah Zahner Beauty

Officiant: Yours truly

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