I wish the wedding community got more letters like this one from Shelby!

To our wonderful wedding vendors-

My family, Kane, and I would like to thank you all very much for being so fantastic this past Saturday. The vision we had for our wedding truly came to life and every expectation we had for it was surpassed. The credit for that is due to all of you and your flawless execution of events. I look forward to writing a positive review for each of you, but I wanted to also thank you for being such great vendors. That night is quite a blur as it went so fast and was incredibly fun. This is a good thing as it means we had absolutely no worries or issues arise during that night that we were aware of. It is a great feeling to be able to enjoy your own event and be able to trust your vendors. So, I want to thank you so very much for all of your hard work! I have attached a vendor contact list onto this email as you may want to credit/network with each other.

Thank you again!

P.S. We loved our ceremony. LOVED it. It felt intimate and very ‘us’.

You were the perfect choice for us and I am so glad you were able to officiate such an important moment. You’re awesome Christel!

It was a true pleasure to work at Stone House Ranch.

The planners Blaize and Halima were complete pros from Lively Events.

The food was delicious like always! Thank you PEJ Events!

The TOAST Entertainment DJ did a fantastic job with visual cues during the ceremony along with the videographer from Paper Bird Films. I can't wait to see the photos that Heather Wise took! I am sad that I didnt stick around for cake because the Crocodile Dundee hat groom's cake was a RIOT! Expertly executed by Serendipity Cakes! The wedding cake looked divine as well!

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