Brain Injury Awareness Month

Why on earth would Brain Injury Awareness month be a topic on a wedding officiant's blog? Because BOTH of my parents have had strokes. Not just one stroke... a couple. EACH. Brain Injury Awareness is near and dear to my heart. March is Brain Injury Awareness Month!

I thought about how I could help while helping... and I reached out to the Brain Injury Association of America to see how we could partner. I spoke with a lovely woman, named Stephanie, who said that she would be happy to assist! I told her that I would like to donate $25 from every booking I have in March. She was thrilled!

So..... If you are looking to book your officiant for your wedding (for 2018 or 2019 ...) know that your money has a good cause behind it! Not just getting you the ceremony of your dreams, but it will help others as well!

If you would like to donate directly, go here: DONATE

Your donations are tax-deductible as well. You will be emailed all of the pertinent info!

Thank you for your support.

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