Lately I have been touring some of the local venues. I wanted to meet the owners and introduce myself obviously in hopes of referrals, but also when I have couples who still need a venue. I love a good working partnership. I am all about helping others succeed as well.

One sunny afternoon I drove out to Manor to TerrAdorna. I had been in touch with Dory, but Tom and their dog, Red, were the ones to show me around.

The drive out there was windy and turny and curvy and just when you think that you are lost… BEHOLD! The sign!

They have parking for about 50+ cars, so make sure to carpool. They can serve a ceremony up to 200 though!

At the front of the venue is a tranquil lily pond, into which Red immediately walked and I followed his wet paw prints for the rest of the visit.

TerrAdorna is a neat white metal building with a wraparound porch on one side that leads out to a deck that faces due north. It was laid out with every detail attended to. Dory is an artist and Tom is an engineer.

That fact is apparent when you realize they didn’t overlook a single thing. Straight down to the fact that the deck can be enclosed during cold or rainy weather!

As we walked along the deck, I saw the wedding arbor under which they have their ceremonies. It is at the back of a sprawling native stone patio. Behind the arbor is rolling Texas landscape as far as the eye can see. It was breathtaking. Tom pointed out that I could almost see Round Rock from where we were.

After the ceremony, the couple would be able to take dozens of pictures in all of their sweet little spots around the property. They have a giant Tiffany Blue barn that would make an exquisite backdrop for a rustic wedding.

They have cut a window in one of the fences and there are antique cars behind it for another great photo op. There are wrought iron chairs and pottery and trees and chandeliers and the photographer in me would have spent the entire rest of the couple’s time up taking photos of them after their ceremony!

Truly well thought out touches. Rustic and Modern and Delicate and True Central Texas vibe!

We went inside and I was again reminded that they have not left any option forgotten. The venue is wired for sound, lights, decorations, and it is all customizable. Even down to what color the lights are behind the glass bricks on the dance floor!

Upstairs is the Bridal suite. It has a full bath, tons of space and lots of mirrors. The photo ops up there would be great for Bridal Photos, or even a boudoir shoot! Picture windows and loads of sun make the lighting perfect for your hair or makeup person!

The groomsmen have their own cottage onsite as well!

They have chairs, tables and linens on site. They have a huge space for your caterers and florists.

This venue is right on for an outdoor ceremony and being able to dance the night away under the stars!

When you go visit, tell them I sent you. And don’t forget to give Red a good scratch behind the ear!

Website: http://terradorna.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Terradorna

Phone: 512.585.9105

For more information on booking me to officiate your wedding, click here

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