Valentine's Day

I had 2 ceremonies on Valentine’s day. One was a sweet little couple who had only been together for 19 months and just KNEW they didn’t want to wait any more. They nervously laughed through their ceremony and radiated adoration for each other. We got some really beautiful shots of them. One of my favorites is of the groom wiping away his tears because he was just so emotional about it all. It was precious!

My second couple was a vow renewal… an EXPECTING vow renewal. They were from Missouri and had come to Austin for a “Babymoon”. They also started a tradition about 4 years ago of renewing their vows in every state they visited. Lucky me, I got to be the one to re-unite them in marriage!

Rachel and Nathan showed up at Mayfield Park beaming. They were ready to say their vows all over again. They chose not to exchange rings again, because Nathan couldn’t get his ring off. Damn Austin humidity! After they repeated their prepared vows, Nathan told Rachel how excited he was for their new adventure. He almost made me cry! Rachel DID cry and claimed it was the pregnancy that made her more sentimental, but Nathan looked lovingly at her and told her that she was a sap before she got pregnant.

Since Austin had been there to shoot the ceremony before them, he snapped a few photos for the Longs and they were good sports to let us drag them around the park. Nathan whispered to Rachel asking if he could do “his photo”. With a groan, Rachel said yes. He started a new tradition of not ONLY wearing his “I’m a keeper” shirt for every vow renewal, but also taking a stoic photo. A la American Gothic. Of COURSE we obliged. We love when our couples want to have fun with us.

Austin took a couple more photos and they were off to find brunch!

Heck of a way to spend Valentine’s Day for the second year in a row. #changinglives and filling it with love. The best part was that I got to spend it with MY love!

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