The day after we got back from Belize (YES, for my 40th birthday thankyouverymuch) I had a meeting with a couple to discuss their wedding. They wanted to meet me to see if we “clicked” which I appreciate because it helps the vow writing and ceremony to go smoothly. My style isn’t for everyone and I understand that and know that not everyone wants a little silliness and laughter at their wedding. That’s why I am very upfront about myself. Granted, once you meet me you see that it’s all part of my charm.

But I digress. They met me at their favorite coffeehouse, Kick Butt Coffee, not only because it had a fantastic name, but also because they have phenomenal coffee.

Going into meetings like this is a lot like a blind date. I don’t know what they look like, but usually they know what I look like because of my website or Facebook photos or seeing another couples’ wedding photos. When I walked in they jumped out of their seats and greeted me as if they knew the name of my first pet and my favorite color because Tom and Nancy are researchers. They sheepishly admitted that they GOOGLED me. I never thought I would hear that sentence. They read all they could and watched all the ceremonies I had done. The only thing left was for me to find out about them. As Nancy and Tom sat there and told me their story, they never stopped touching each other. They would stop and look into each other’s eyes as if to not only reaffirm their admiration for each other, but to make sure it was ok to tell me all the little details that most people leave out. Nancy told me of recreating her life after a 20 year marriage had come to an end. She always wanted to be an archaeologist, so SHE DID. She went all the way to England to the University of Exeter to get her graduate degree to then come all the way back to Texas to meet a boy. She met Tom at the Gault Site while he was visiting for training. They became fast friends and over the course of another year, they fell in love. When the site needed the right person to oversee a new project, everyone knew Tom was the man for the job. He moved to Texas and has since spent every waking moment loving Nancy. It was apparent and abundant.

We laughed and chatted like old friends and what should have been a 20 minute meeting lasted an hour and a half. We exchanged hugs and my final request to them was to each write me a letter telling me why they wanted to marry each other.

A month later, I got 2 of the best letters I have read in a long time. Nancy detailed the history of them again and through her words I was able to understand her adoration for the adorable, tall, red-head with an English accent. Tom’s letter was written like a man SMITTEN with his woman. He wrote of all the little things he loves doing for her and wrote that she helps him keep his life straight. Their letters had many common themes which secured my fondness for them both. I was getting really excited to perform their ceremony.

At this point, I realize that I failed to mention that their wedding was a Steampunk theme. On the day of the wedding, I threw on a corset with my suit to add a little flair, and I was off to Florence. The ceremony was AT the Gault Site where they met. When I got there, I was nervous about the corset but that fear flew out the window. About 95% of their guests dressed accordingly. The bride and groom were STUNNING. They had goggles and trinkets and gears and feathers, and Nancy’s boss was carrying a shotgun and looked as if he was right out of an Indiana Jones movie. We walked to the area for the ceremony and all the guests had small rocks with their names on them at their seats. No detail was missed.

Nancy walked down the aisle to an actual electric guitar playing “For Whom the Bell Tolls” but only after all 3 of her bridesmaids walked down before her and high-fived the Best Man. I had to contain my glee! These were MY kind of people!

Let’s back up to the end of January, I had used their letters to add to the vows they had chosen. I emailed them both and asked if they wanted to read them before the big day. They agreed that it would be a surprise.

Here are some excepts from their vows:

I asked Nancy and Tom to write me letters on why they wanted to marry each other so that I may get a tiny glimpse into who these two beautiful people are. Nancy started off her letter to me explaining how they met IN DETAIL and made sure to mention that everyone at the ceremony already knew their story. While that may be true, it is my job to make sure that everyone CONNECTS to your story. The one that has already been written and the one that is still left to write.

When I met with Tom and Nancy at their favorite coffee house, they recognized me immediately (because they are researchers… and I MEAN RESEARCHERS) they had studied up on me and the only thing left was to find out all that I could about them. I could tell from the moment I walked in the love that was exuding from these two. They were constantly touching, affirming, confirming, and I could tell they were in DEEP! In their letters they wrote many of the same things about each other. They spoke of their tenderness and compassion and admiration. They each wrote about the gestures. How they each DO for each other, not out of obligation, but out of admiration. Tom writes love notes on the mirror and makes her coffee. Nancy finds his keys and wallet and reassures him no matter what everything will work out like it is supposed to. They each wrote about how much they love loving the other. And that is why they DO those things. Tom and Nancy complete each other. It is now my pleasure to join them in marriage.

Tom, do you promise to listen, trust, encourage, be patient, and maintain the foundation for your loving partnership? Do you promise to be generous with your hugs and still “dig” each other? Do you promise to be the Albert to her Victoria, the Edward to her Wallis, and inspire Nancy to be a better person and a loving partner?”

And finally, I added in a quote from Napoleon, with whom Nancy is obsessed!!!

As Napoleon told Josephine, “As for me, to love you alone, to make you happy, to do nothing which would contradict your wishes, this is my destiny and the meaning of my life”

There was laughter. There were tears (Yes, some of them mine) and there was LOVE. These two were made for each other. I pronounced them husband and wife and was about to send them down the aisle when Nancy’s boss exclaimed something I couldn’t understand and then SHOT his LOADED shotgun into the air!

That’s how you finish a wedding.

I hope they life their life with a BANG! Cheers to T’Ancy!

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