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If we’ve ever met, you know I don’t have but maybe 3 serious bones in my body. When I meet new people, I usually tell them that the only serious thing about me is to NOT take me seriously.

Which is why it’s so fun to marry people. Marriage is a serious thing. And THAT I don’t take lightly. But I WILL have fun with your wedding. It wont be a stand-up routine, but it won’t feel like a funeral either. It will be the right amount of … right.

That being said, I have a tradition… a signature move, if you will. I take a few “normal” poses while signing a couple’s marriage license and then I tell them to look at each other as if to say, “WHAT DID WE DO?”

It’s along the same lines as the wedding party photos where they superimpose a dinosaur running after them. THOSE are my kind of people.

I haven’t had anyone tell me “NO” yet. I did have one couple who wanted a few more photos so that THAT one wasn’t the last one they took. Ya know, for bad luck. So now I make sure that isn’t the last photo taken. I am able to gauge my couple before I ask them to be silly with me, but they usually come to expect it and happily oblige.

Last month, I married a couple on the top of Mount Bonnell in Austin. Unfortunately, they left their marriage license back at their hotel. Of course I told them that I would go to their hotel with them and sign it. Thankfully my husband was shooting the wedding so he came with me to capture my THE moment.

When it came time for my spiel about my “signature move”, the bride stopped me and said, “I WAS HOPING YOU WERE GOING TO DO THIS!!!! I GOOGLED YOU AND I WANT TO DO THE CRAZY FACE TOO!”

I was stopped in my tracks. I was speechless. She… googled… me. AND wanted to immortalize herself making the same crazy face I do. Ok lady… get ready.





Just when I was starting to think that no one would appreciate my silly brand of marryin’ folks… I guess I’ll keep up the good work!

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Talk to you soon,


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