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"Welcome to all friends and family on this beautiful and joyful day. Michelle and Troy have asked me to extend a very warm welcome to you on this their wedding day. They have invited us here today to share in the celebration of their marriage. We come together not to mark the start of a relationship, but to recognize a bond that already exists. This marriage is one expression of many varieties of love. Love is one, though its expressions are infinite." "I gave Troy and Michelle homework and asked them to tell me WHY they wanted to be married to each other. I mentioned that I have gotten pages and pages of letters and sometimes I just get, “he touches my booty and buys me tacos. I would mar

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I was invited to be part of a styled shoot at Texas Keeper Cider playing role of Officiant. Usually officiants aren't included in these types of shoots. They are typically to highlight models wearing beautiful clothes to advertise the dress and suit makers, gorgeous venues, event rental companies, bakers, florists, calligraphers, and most of all... photographers. Photographing a wedding can be a HUSTLE. Styled shoots give more time to pose people and catch all the details that couples spend 3-18 months obsessing over. But I digress... I would love to show you 4 different photographers' vision of the EXACT same scenario. Let me set the scene: Romantic Vow Renewal first then a Rustic bohe

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