I wish the wedding community got more letters like this one from Shelby! To our wonderful wedding vendors- My family, Kane, and I would like to thank you all very much for being so fantastic this past Saturday. The vision we had for our wedding truly came to life and every expectation we had for it was surpassed. The credit for that is due to all of you and your flawless execution of events. I look forward to writing a positive review for each of you, but I wanted to also thank you for being such great vendors. That night is quite a blur as it went so fast and was incredibly fun. This is a good thing as it means we had absolutely no worries or issues arise during that night that we were awar

One. Two. Three.

Since my birthday is 12/3... I will officiate any Chapel Dulcinea Ceremony in the month of December for only $123. Must be paid in full at time of booking.

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