Valentine's Day

I had 2 ceremonies on Valentine’s day. One was a sweet little couple who had only been together for 19 months and just KNEW they didn’t want to wait any more. They nervously laughed through their ceremony and radiated adoration for each other. We got some really beautiful shots of them. One of my favorites is of the groom wiping away his tears because he was just so emotional about it all. It was precious! My second couple was a vow renewal… an EXPECTING vow renewal. They were from Missouri and had come to Austin for a “Babymoon”. They also started a tradition about 4 years ago of renewing their vows in every state they visited. Lucky me, I got to be the one to re-unite them in marri


The day after we got back from Belize (YES, for my 40th birthday thankyouverymuch) I had a meeting with a couple to discuss their wedding. They wanted to meet me to see if we “clicked” which I appreciate because it helps the vow writing and ceremony to go smoothly. My style isn’t for everyone and I understand that and know that not everyone wants a little silliness and laughter at their wedding. That’s why I am very upfront about myself. Granted, once you meet me you see that it’s all part of my charm. But I digress. They met me at their favorite coffeehouse, Kick Butt Coffee, not only because it had a fantastic name, but also because they have phenomenal coffee. Going into meetings lik

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