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If we’ve ever met, you know I don’t have but maybe 3 serious bones in my body. When I meet new people, I usually tell them that the only serious thing about me is to NOT take me seriously. Which is why it’s so fun to marry people. Marriage is a serious thing. And THAT I don’t take lightly. But I WILL have fun with your wedding. It wont be a stand-up routine, but it won’t feel like a funeral either. It will be the right amount of … right. That being said, I have a tradition… a signature move, if you will. I take a few “normal” poses while signing a couple’s marriage license and then I tell them to look at each other as if to say, “WHAT DID WE DO?” It’s along the same lines as the wedd

Twenty Sixteen

Ok, here we go. Brand new year, brand new adventure. I am now marrying people full time. As to say, THIS is now what feeds my family. Last year I gave up a 10 year career with AT&T for what I thought was going to be something wonderful. Three months later... I found myself staring at a computer screen in my PJs 5 days a week (it seemed) With a lot of elbow grease and passion, I have scoured the internet to find out how spending my entore life savings to make this dream come true. I LOVE to marry people. So ... let's get married. 2016 is going to be my best year yet! I turned 40 in Belize a little over a month ago so I can't HELP but have a phenomenal start! For more information on b

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